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Adult Sweaters

sweater7.jpgsweater8.jpgswater5.jpgcards270.jpgcards269.jpgThese are sweaters that I knitted from Uniquely Yours. They are acrylic with duplicate stitches. There is a lot of hand work once  the sweater is finished but well worth the time. These three are my favorites. I received a blue ribbon at the fair for the snowflake sweater. I knitted the vest from alpaca for a woman that owns an alpaca farm and mill. I bet if I still had this vest at my house, my friend Linda would try to get her hands on this and felt it.

Children’s Knits

sweater13.jpgsweater1.jpgcards2661.jpgcards256.jpgcards271.jpgcards2721.jpgcards258.jpgThese are some of the children’s clothes I have knit from patterns. Acrylic yarn.

CC’s Elegant Slipper Socks



These elegant slipper socks are made from acrylic yarn that has a sparkle to it and you can machine wash and dry. The cuff is a scallop design and the body is part ribbing for fit and comfort. These make wonderful gifts for friends, neighbors, caregivers,family and loved ones in nursing homes and hospitals. I hope to be selling these soon on Etsy.

Hello world!

My name is Carol Caldwell and I live in Ohio.  I have been crocheting doilies from thread and knitting for many years and have become energized about knitting again with the birth of all the new yarns and felting methods.  I love knitting socks and slipper socks.   I now have a store open on ETSY so that you can purchase my goods. I am still setting it up as far as shipping  goes but I will try to move quickly on this. I look forward to hearing from everyone with ideas and remarks.   I am a dental assistant by day and a night and weekend knitter.