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Adult Sweaters

sweater7.jpgsweater8.jpgswater5.jpgcards270.jpgcards269.jpgThese are sweaters that I knitted from Uniquely Yours. They are acrylic with duplicate stitches. There is a lot of hand work once  the sweater is finished but well worth the time. These three are my favorites. I received a blue ribbon at the fair for the snowflake sweater. I knitted the vest from alpaca for a woman that owns an alpaca farm and mill. I bet if I still had this vest at my house, my friend Linda would try to get her hands on this and felt it.

Children’s Knits

sweater13.jpgsweater1.jpgcards2661.jpgcards256.jpgcards271.jpgcards2721.jpgcards258.jpgThese are some of the children’s clothes I have knit from patterns. Acrylic yarn.

CC’s Elegant Slipper Socks



These elegant slipper socks are made from acrylic yarn that has a sparkle to it and you can machine wash and dry. The cuff is a scallop design and the body is part ribbing for fit and comfort. These make wonderful gifts for friends, neighbors, caregivers,family and loved ones in nursing homes and hospitals. I hope to be selling these soon on Etsy.

Fun Scarf


My friend and I created this scarf together. I knit it and she did the relief work and felting. 

It is shown at

CC’s Slipper Socks






Warm slipper socks to keep your piggies warm on cold days. These socks are sporty. They have a double rib cuff. The body of the sock can be plain, lace stitch or a motif in center of foot.

Hello world!

My name is Carol Caldwell and I live in Ohio.  I have been crocheting doilies from thread and knitting for many years and have become energized about knitting again with the birth of all the new yarns and felting methods.  I love knitting socks and slipper socks.   I now have a store open on ETSY so that you can purchase my goods. I am still setting it up as far as shipping  goes but I will try to move quickly on this. I look forward to hearing from everyone with ideas and remarks.   I am a dental assistant by day and a night and weekend knitter.